2014 Annual General Meeting

AGMUPDATE: We’d like to thank everyone who attended our AGM. Here are the meeting minutes for those who missed the meeting.

We are also still looking for new volunteers for our board. Please email us at contact.wentworth@gmail.com if you’re interested.

We’d like to invite all Wentworth home owners to our AGM on Monday, June 16, 2014 at 7:30 pm in the upstairs boardroom of the West Springs Co-op. The Wentworth Residents’ Association is seeking new volunteers for it’s board of directors. If you are interested, please email us at contact.wentworth@gmail.com or attend the Annual General Meeting.

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2014 WRA Parade of Garage Sales

May 24, 2014 – 8am to 1pm

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the map: http://goo.gl/maps/hL6V3. We have 33 homes in Wentworth participating. It should be a great day for buyers and sellers!

Garage-SaleYou’ll host a garage sale, we’ll help advertise and together we’ll hope for amazing weather!

Register your participation with the Wentworth Residents’ Association at contact.wentworth@gmail.com by May 20th.

It’s free with your annual WRA fees.

We will:

  • Include your address on a map listing all sales within the Wentworth boundaries
  • Advertise in the Calgary Herald classifieds for a Community Parade of Garage Sales, drawing in shoppers from across the City
  • Advertise on Kijiji, also drawing in shoppers from across the City
  • Advertise on boulevard neon signs for our Wentworth Parade of Garage Sales, increasing participation and drawing in shoppers from neighbouring communities

You will:

  • Host your own sale at your own house and keep all proceeds
  • Post local directional signs to your sale – if you wish
  • Encourage your neighbours to participate too!

Good luck with your sale!

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The Wentworth Restrictive Covenants require Wentworth Residents to paint their wood fences a specific color. www.dundeeresidents.com

It specifies BEHR Mesa Grey, but this is no longer available from Behr. Cloverdale Paint located at 1935 37th Street SW has color matched this stain and has the information filed under “Wentworth”. The Cloverdale colour is called Springside Taupe.

Happy Painting!!

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Parade of Garage Sales

May 26, 8am-1pm

You’ll host your own garage sale, and we’ll help you advertise it.  Fingers crossed for good weather!!

Register your participation with the Wentworth Residents Association at contact.wentworth@gmail.com.  It’s free with your annual HOA fees (Due April 30, 2012).

We will:

  • Include your address on a map listing all sales within the Wentworth boundaries, and distribute the map Saturday morning to garage sale shoppers.
  • Advertise in the Herald classifieds for a Community Parade of Garage Sales, drawing in shoppers from across the City
  • Advertise on Kijiji, also drawing in shoppers from across the City
  • Advertise on boulevard neon signs for our Wentworth Parade of Garage Sales, increasing volume of participation, and drawing in shoppers

You will:

  • Host your own sale at your own house, and keep all proceeds
  • Post local directional signs to your sale, if you wish
  • Encourage your neighbour to participate too!

Good luck with your sale!

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AGM – April 23 – All Residents of Wentworth are Encouraged to Attend

Please plan to attend the Annual General Meeting, to be held Monday April 23 at 7:30pm, in the Community Room at the Co-op store.  (go up the stairs to the left of Customer Service).

The Board of Directors will be reviewing the past year’s activities and the plans for 2012.

We are looking for new members to join the board.

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Volunteers Needed for the Wentworth Resident’s Association

Looking for Wentworth resident’s to fill board positions for the 2012 fiscal year

Minimal time commitment – meetings once every 1-2 months

Learn what is happening in your community

No experience required

Please contact us at contact.wentworth@gmail.com

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Attainable Homes Calgary Builds Homes in West Springs – An Article from the WSCR Newsletter (February 2012)


The day a person buys a home, life changes.  It empowers an individual, strengthens the family and builds a better community.  For many moderate-income Calgarians,  the opportunity for homeownership is limited. Due to the high average price of a home in Calgary and the difficulty of saving for a down payment in today’s market, thousands of working middle-income Calgarians who earn a household income less than $80,000, and who can qualify for a mortgage often find themselves excluded from owning their own home.

Attainable Homes Calgary (AHCC) is a self-sustaining, non-profit organization owned by The City of Calgary.  It was created to bridge the housing affordability gap and empower middle income Calgarians with the means to buy homes, build equity and create financial stability for their futures by providing community solutions to home ownership.  Through a combination of administering the Attainable Home Ownership Program (AHOP) which offers down payment assistance by way of a 5% wholly forgivable loan, and fostering relationships and collaborations between the home building industry and the various individuals and businesses that are responsible for making homeownership available, AHCC is able to provide home ownership opportunities to moderate-income Calgarians who may have otherwise been priced out of the market. We have been asked on many occasions, “how do we do this and what’s the catch?” It’s really very simple. Our unique AHOP allows AHCC to assist in the purchase of the home and in turn, the home owner and Attainable Homes share in the future appreciation. The program gives the freedom to sell the home at anytime to the open market and the home buyer keeps their share of the appreciation. We then re-invest our portion back into AHOP; allowing us to continue offering the program to other working middle-income Calgarians.

Over the last year, AHCC is proud to say that they have provided home ownership to Calgarians from individuals and single parents to couples and families in communities such as Deer Run SE, Sherwood NW and Cranston SE and will continue to provide home ownership opportunities in other communities across Calgary. AHCC is about to start the development permit process on a site in West Springs community, which is designated for the Attainable Homes Calgary program. We will be partnering with a local Calgary builder, in 2012, to begin the development of 60-70 quality, entry-level townhouse condominiums. These townhomes will be located at 156 – 89 Street SW.  We hope to apply for a development permit in the spring of 2012 and hope to break ground in late summer of this year. AHCC is committed to community engagement and successful communication is a two-way street. Building trust and fostering relationships with the communities that we build in, and making informed decisions based on community and all stakeholder feedback is part of building a vibrant community and city.

Our goal is to: Engage the West Springs community and all interested stakeholders in the site development process.  Receive feedback from participants about the site development plans; which will be considered and incorporated to the greatest extent possible.  Remain committed to open and transparent communication with its stakeholders and all members of the public and ensure that ongoing information is available through its website and other defined channels.  To learn more about AHCC, visit http://attainablehomescalgary.ca.



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Notice – Sidewalk and Pathway Snow Removal

Sidewalk snow removal FAQ

  1. Who is responsible for clearing snow and ice from Calgary sidewalks?
  2. What is The City’s priority system for sidewalk snow and ice control?
  3. What is a continuous barrier?
  4. Can property owners be fined for failing to remove snow and ice from a sidewalk?
  5. Who can I contact with questions or concerns, including reporting of bylaw infractions or a warning notice issued in error?

Pathway snow clearing

Calgary pathways that are cleared of snow have been determined by City Council. The City’s pathway system is approximately 700 km in length, of that, 157 km are cleared of snow.

Pathways cleared of snow:

Bow River Pathway System
Elbow River Pathway System
Nose Creek Pathway System
Regional Pathways in the Uplands
Pathway Connectors to LRT Stations
Priority 2 Pathways


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City of Calgary – Grass Regulations

Grass regulations

Animal and Bylaw Services

Lawn maintenance is regulated by the Community Standards Bylaw 5M2004 PDF File (68 KB) sections 45-46. This is an overview of these regulations. Please refer to the actual bylaw for more detailed information. Original copies of the bylaw are available at the City Clerk’s office.

Overview of the Community Standards Bylaw

  • Grass must be less than 6 inches (15 cm) tall.
  • This is not intended to prevent or discourage xeriscaping (low water use gardening practices).
  • You are responsible for caring for and maintaining your lawn and those lawns adjacent to your property (e.g. boulevards) and up to the middle of the alley and the middle of the street.

Making a complaint

Fines for violations of these regulations are $300. To report a bylaw violation please:

  • Call 3-1-1 or 403-268-CITY (2489) if calling from outside Calgary.
  • Contact us
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Notice: Road Access from Wexford Gardens to Wentworth Hill

This is the response from The City of Calgary Transportation Department, ROADS
regarding the road access between Wexford Gardens (cul-de-sac) and Wentworth Hill.

“Attached please find the aerial map and approved construction drawing of Wexford Garden SW.  Due to the excessive length of the cul-de-sac at Wexford Garden, an emergency access is required. The developer is currently using this as the construction access for the subdivision phase. This access will be closed when majority of the development is completed.   The access will be repaved and can be used as a walkway. An emergency breakaway fence will be installed to prevent through traffic except for emergency vehicles.”



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