Frequently Asked Questions

The Wentworth Residents’ Association (WRA) is a non-profit organization responsible for the ongoing maintenance of common spaces as well as landscaping enhancements in the community of Wentworth. It is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of residents who volunteer their time for the community. 

The WRA is a separate organization from the West Springs Cougar Ridge Community Association. The WSCR Community Association is also a volunteer-based organization with many responsibilities including sports activities, a community newsletter and several social events. The two associations complement one another and work hard to ensure residents can enjoy and be a part of an engaged, active, beautiful and well-kept community.

The WRA is also separate from the condominium boards in the community. The WRA annual fee is NOT typically included in the condominium fees and must be paid over and above these fees and made directly to the Wentworth Residents’ Association.

Every home and condominium owner – specifically each registered owner that has the Wentworth Residents’ Association registered as an Encumbrance on the title of their parcel of land is a member of the Association.

The WRA was established by the developer, Dundee Developments (now known as Dream Development). Dundee developed and maintained the community until 2005 at which time the Association and all related responsibilities were turned over to the residents.

When the WRA was established, an Encumbrance was placed on each individual parcel of land (lots) in Wentworth for the purpose of securing an annual fee. Pursuant to the Land Title Act, payment of this annual fee is a legal requirement of the registered property owner.

The WRA is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. These individuals are Wentworth residents elected at the Association’s Annual General Meeting. There is always room for more – please email us if you are interested in volunteering.

The annual fee is currently set at $250 per year and is assessed to all residential properties. The fee is the same for homes and condominiums as this reflects the fact that the common green spaces within the community can be equally enjoyed by all.

The annual fee was increased by $50 (from $200 to $250 in 2023). The Board determined this increase was required to fund projects and maintain an adequate reserve. The current inflationary environment for goods and services, coupled with the incurrence of major maintenance projects in Wentworth due to the neighborhood becoming older (20 years in some areas).

The Wentworth Board of Directors was able to offer many fee rebates (making the amount owing less than $200) in the 2010s when large maintenance expenditures were not required or incurred. 

The Board will continue to be as prudent as possible when monitoring expenses and building any reserves. The Board will also continue to ensure compliance of fee payment and follow a strict policy to collect unpaid fees from all Wentworth homeowners.

The fee pays for the ongoing maintenance of common spaces as well as landscaping enhancements in the community including entrance features, flowerbeds, boulevards and medians as well as some fence maintenance and snow removal.

Some funds are also set aside for a contingency fund for any unexpected costs or emergency repairs.

Yes. The payment of the annual fee is not optional – it is a legal requirement that must be paid by home and condominium owners that have the encumbrance registered on their title. A homeowner cannot opt-out or choose not to pay the annual fee. Unpaid accounts will be turned over to the WRA’s lawyer for collection with any and all legal costs becoming the responsibility of the homeowner.

The annual fee covers the period from March 1 to the end of February and is due by March 31st of the year in which the fee has been assessed.

The WRA has established a strict policy for collecting unpaid fees. 

If fees remain outstanding after the March 31st deadline, a reminder notice will be issued in early May with a firm payment deadline of May 31st. Accounts that remain unpaid as of June 1st will be forwarded to the Association’s lawyer for collection. 

The annual fee is pursuant to the encumbrance registered on the title of many residential properties in Wentworth. It is a mandatory fee that must be paid by home and condominium owners that have the encumbrance registered on their title. As per the encumbrance, any and all legal costs (which are significant) associated with recovering outstanding fees become the responsibility of the homeowner listed on the property’s title. Failure to pay outstanding balances and legal costs may ultimately lead to foreclosure proceedings being commenced in respect to the homeowner’s property.

If your account has been sent to the Association’s lawyer for collections, you must pay the lawyer directly as outlined in the correspondence received. If any payment are sent directly to the Association, once the account has turned over to the Association’s lawyer, they will be forwarded to the lawyer. Payments received will also be applied to the oldest charges on the account first.

Note: A very small minority of homeowners have accounts that are in arrears. Collection rates are shared at our AGM.

If you would like to confirm if the annual fee has been paid for a specific property in Wentworth, please email us at to inquire about the status of an account.

The budget for the WRA is based upon the operational expenses related to the ongoing maintenance of common spaces as well as landscaping enhancements in the community. The Board of Directors develops an annual budget, which is then shared at our Annual General Meeting. The budget includes items such as landscaping, maintenance, snow removal, insurance as well as administrative costs.

Some fences are the Association’s responsibility to maintain, others are the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain. We encourage all homeowners to do their part to repair and maintain their fences. You can find all the information you should need to maintain the look and feel of your fence to match the other fences within our community here.

The community of Wentworth was developed to a higher standard (i.e. stone fences, entrance features, etc.) than the City would ever maintain. The City of Calgary does very little in Wentworth – it maintains the playgrounds, trees and does some grass cutting. The funds collected annually pay to keep the community at a much higher level that we all appreciate and enjoy.

No, the WRA does not currently receive any money from the City. 

The City is responsible for a variety of maintenance activities. Please contact 311 directly should you have questions or concerns about anything City-related. Below is a list of some of the maintenance activities the City does in and around the community.

  • Maintenance of trees located on boulevards, medians and in the parks
  • Grass cutting in parks and fields
  • Snow removal (if any) from roads and/or sidewalk/paths
  • Sidewalk and roadway repairs
  • Maintenance of light standards, including bulb replacement
  • All traffic signals and signage
  • Parking enforcement
  • By-law enforcement

Yes, the Association is required to hold an Annual General Meeting each year.

Notification of an upcoming AGM is provided alongside the annual invoices issued by mail in March to each homeowner via Canada Post. Reminder emails are also sent as long as the homeowner’s email address is on record with the Association.

The AGM details can also be found on our website.

As an organization managed by volunteers, the Association depends on residents to provide their time, expertise and suggestions to keep our community looking its best – your help is important and needed. Please send us an email, if you would like to get involved or have any comments, questions, concerns or suggestions. 

Have a question you do not see the answer for above? Please send us an email with your question and we’d be happy to provide a response.