1.         What is the Wentworth Residents’ Association (WRA)?

The WRA is a community-run, non-profit organization responsible for maintaining green spaces in Wentworth. Here’s a map of Wentworth, which also includes links to the applicable restrictive covenant documents.

2.         What is the annual fee?

Currently the annual fee is $200 per year.

3.         What period does the annual fee cover?

The annual fee covers the period from the 1st of March to the end of February and is due by April 30th of each year.

4.         Who created the WRA?

The WRA was established by the developer, Dundee, which maintained the green spaces prior to handing the community over to the WRA. A volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the WRA.

5.         Who is on the Board of Directors?

The WRA is managed by residents who volunteer their time. A list of current directors can be found here. The Association is always looking to add more volunteers to its Board of Directors. If you are interested in joining the WRA Board, please send us an email.

6.         Is the annual fee the same for all residences?

Yes, the annual fees are the same for each residence.  This reflects the fact that the common green space areas within Wentworth can be enjoyed by all.

7.         How is the WRA’s budget established?

The budget includes money for such items as landscape maintenance, garbage collection along pathways, snow removal, administrative fees and insurance.

Landscaping costs are the largest item in the budget.  Because of this, a detailed tendering process for landscape maintenance is used.  Organizations interested in landscaping work are contacted and those with the necessary expertise and resources are asked to submit bids.  The current landscaping contract is with Foothills Landscaping.

8.         Does the WRA receive money from the City of Calgary?

WRA is currently in the process of entering into a land management agreement with the City of Calgary.  This would allow WRA to receive a rebate from the City of Calgary for maintenance done by the WRA on city owned property.  The rebate is based on the amount of green space the City would have provided had it developed the community and the City’s basic level of landscape maintenance.

9.         What does the annual fee pay for?

The $200 yearly fee imposed by the Wentworth Resident’s Association provides for ongoing maintenance on all common property in the neighbourhood such as the dry pond fields, snow and ice control on sidewalks owned by the association, garbage pickup from the common bins along the walking paths, the flower bulbs and seasonal plantings, including the watering of common flower beds throughout the growing season, and fence maintenance and repair.  The fee also allows for a contingency fund for emergency repairs.

10.         Who maintains the fences in the community of Wentworth?

The Wentworth Residents’ Association maintains the community stone/metal fences along Wentworth Drive, 85th Street, and Old Banff Coach Road as well as the wooden fence adjacent to the forested area along the south-side of 9th Avenue. The Association is ONLY responsible for the upkeep to the fences in these four locations.

All other wood, stone and/or metal fences, regardless of who built them, found within or adjacent to your property are your responsibility to maintain.

For more information about maintaining your fence, you can review a copy of the restrictive covenants registered on the title of your property as well as the fence specifications for the community.

Please note that these documents specify a colour that is only available upon request at Home Depot as it’s an older colour. You must supply the name/code (Mesa Greg DP-373) and it will not appear on any paint sample chips. Alternatively, Cloverdale Paint (located at 1935 37 Street SW) has colour matched this stain and has the information filed under “Wentworth”. The Cloverdale colour is called Springside Taupe.

11.       I thought the City of Calgary was responsible for the maintenance of the community?

The City of Calgary does very little in these new neighbourhoods and the idea of the association is to maintain the area to a higher standard.  Please also note the City would not repair anything that is above the city standard, and much of Wentworth was developed to a higher standard (fences, entrance signs, etc).  So a common pool of funds is critical for the long term maintenance of this community.  We’re proud that we have been able to maintain our current fees at $200 per household per year, a level that allows the Association to meet its mandate for the past 4 years while other comparable neighbourhoods such as New Discovery have raised their fees to $300 per year or more.

12.       Can I choose to not pay the $200 annual fee?

The payment of the annual fee is not optional.  It is required from every home and condominium owner in the community of Wentworth.  The fee appears as an encumbrance on your property.  This fee is legally enforceable by the WRA.  Costs of collecting this fee are borne by the homeowner.

13.       What is being done to collect unpaid fees?

The WRA has established a strict policy for collecting unpaid fees.  Homeowners who have not paid their fees are sent a statement listing the amounts owing including administrative late fees.  The late fee charged on outstanding balances is $50 per annum.  If payment for outstanding fees is not received, the account will be turned over to the WRA’s lawyer for collection.

Any and all legal costs incurred by the WRA to recover the outstanding balances become the responsibility of the homeowner.  Failure to pay outstanding balances and legal costs may ultimately lead to foreclosure proceedings being commenced in respect of the homeowner’s property.

Only a small minority of homeowners have accounts that are in arrears.  Updates on the progress in collecting unpaid fees will be reported during board meetings.

14.       What is the City of Calgary responsible for?

The City of Calgary is responsible for a variety of maintenance activities including:

– maintenance of light standards, including bulb replacement

– street snow removal

– parking enforcement

– broken or distressed trees on boulevards

– parking of recreational vehicle concerns

– all traffic signals and signage

– sidewalk and roadway repairs

15.       How often does the WRA board meet?  Can I attend these meetings?

The WRA board meets regularly, typically on a monthly basis.

The meetings are open to WRA members.  If you are interested in attending a meeting, contact us at contact.wentworth@gmail.com

16.       How can I help the WRA?

As an organization run by volunteers, the WRA depends on Wentworth homeowners to provide time, expertise and suggestions that keep our community one of the most sought after in the city.  Your help is needed.  If you would like to volunteer or have comments or questions, email or write to us:

Email: contact.wentworth@gmail.com

Mail: Suite 101, 406-917 85 Street SW, Calgary, AB   T3H 5Z9