The Wentworth Restrictive Covenants require Wentworth Residents to paint their wood fences a specific color. www.dundeeresidents.com

It specifies BEHR Mesa Grey, but this is no longer available from Behr. Cloverdale Paint located at 1935 37th Street SW has color matched this stain and has the information filed under “Wentworth”. The Cloverdale colour is called Springside Taupe.

Happy Painting!!


About mywentworth

The Wentworth Residents' Association was formed in 2005 with the objective of ensuring the betterment of Wentworth through the management of neighbourhood enhancements such as flowerbeds, entrance treatments, and extra landscaping and maintenance of city boulevards, medians and parks.
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  1. Sharleen Traynor says:

    What happened to “Springside Taupe”? That was the color that was listed in our real estate documents…..

  2. Doug says:

    I went to purchase Wentworth paint stain at
    specified Cloverdale location and they had nothing on file ?

  3. Doug says:

    I have 3 Gallons of Behr Mesa Grey DP 373 for sale. I just bought from Home Depot on May 18, 2013. I got the paint home and realized that it was the wrong colour for our fence. It appears that the earlier phases of Wentworth are a colour called ‘Springside’ which is available at Cloverdale.
    The Mesa Grey appears to be used on fences north of the school in Wentworth and in Wentworth Estates. If interested please contact me via email at drapmorg@telusplanet.net.

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