Parade of Garage Sales

May 26, 8am-1pm

You’ll host your own garage sale, and we’ll help you advertise it.  Fingers crossed for good weather!!

Register your participation with the Wentworth Residents Association at  It’s free with your annual HOA fees (Due April 30, 2012).

We will:

  • Include your address on a map listing all sales within the Wentworth boundaries, and distribute the map Saturday morning to garage sale shoppers.
  • Advertise in the Herald classifieds for a Community Parade of Garage Sales, drawing in shoppers from across the City
  • Advertise on Kijiji, also drawing in shoppers from across the City
  • Advertise on boulevard neon signs for our Wentworth Parade of Garage Sales, increasing volume of participation, and drawing in shoppers

You will:

  • Host your own sale at your own house, and keep all proceeds
  • Post local directional signs to your sale, if you wish
  • Encourage your neighbour to participate too!

Good luck with your sale!


About mywentworth

The Wentworth Residents' Association was formed in 2005 with the objective of ensuring the betterment of Wentworth through the management of neighbourhood enhancements such as flowerbeds, entrance treatments, and extra landscaping and maintenance of city boulevards, medians and parks.
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