Notice – Sidewalk and Pathway Snow Removal

Sidewalk snow removal FAQ

  1. Who is responsible for clearing snow and ice from Calgary sidewalks?
  2. What is The City’s priority system for sidewalk snow and ice control?
  3. What is a continuous barrier?
  4. Can property owners be fined for failing to remove snow and ice from a sidewalk?
  5. Who can I contact with questions or concerns, including reporting of bylaw infractions or a warning notice issued in error?

Pathway snow clearing

Calgary pathways that are cleared of snow have been determined by City Council. The City’s pathway system is approximately 700 km in length, of that, 157 km are cleared of snow.

Pathways cleared of snow:

Bow River Pathway System
Elbow River Pathway System
Nose Creek Pathway System
Regional Pathways in the Uplands
Pathway Connectors to LRT Stations
Priority 2 Pathways



About mywentworth

The Wentworth Residents' Association was formed in 2005 with the objective of ensuring the betterment of Wentworth through the management of neighbourhood enhancements such as flowerbeds, entrance treatments, and extra landscaping and maintenance of city boulevards, medians and parks.
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