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Wentworth Residents’ Association

Suite #101-406 

917 – 85th Street SW

Calgary, AB   T3H 5Z9


About mywentworth

The Wentworth Residents' Association was formed in 2005 with the objective of ensuring the betterment of Wentworth through the management of neighbourhood enhancements such as flowerbeds, entrance treatments, and extra landscaping and maintenance of city boulevards, medians and parks.
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13 Responses to Contact Information

  1. Peter Ciavarella says:

    I had recently requested the financials for the last 3 – 4 years.(from the time of the increase $100 – $200 to current year) email file is fine.

    Also, understand that the residents association is mowing a city owned field (storm pond soccer fields) which we feel should be mowed by the city since they collect the fees for rentals.

    Please advise why this is a burden to the residents association and how we can reverse this?

    Look fwd to hearing from you soon. Thanks so much!

    Peter & Brenda Ciavarella

  2. Wayne says:

    Is the Wentworth community activtely engaged with the Province to get the best positioning and noise reduction / prevention possible on Stony Trail as it is 9 lanes of trafic passsing our community?

  3. Wayne says:

    When do you expect the web site to be updated?

  4. Brenda Ciavarella says:

    Dear President

    I have spoke with Mr Remington (past president) and requested financial statements for the period 2005, 2006, 2007 2008, and 2009 is most liekly not available to date.

    Please have these faxed to me at 403-249-2745 or mailed to our address on file.

    I am not sure why they have not been forthcoming as I have been requesting these for some time. I await your immediate repsonse.


  5. Greg says:

    Brenda, I will follow up with our Treasurer who has the statements. Over the summer the Board does not meet regularly but we are now back to regular monthly Board meetings. So this will be an agenda item for the next meeting if we don’t get them to you sooner. We’ll aim for sooner though!

    I will also investigate getting the statements somehow posted on this new website for all to see.

    The more transparency the better! This Association belongs to all residents and information should be shared freely.

    Greg (President, WRA)

  6. Brenda Ciavarella says:

    Dear Greg

    I am still awaiting the financial statements as requested in early fall and the very last request Oct 2009.

    Please have someone call me and I would be happy to meet the treasurer.


    PS How do I get a copy of the bylaws WSRA?

  7. Greg says:

    I emailed the 2007 and 2008 statements to you on November 9th. I’m not sure what happened if you didn’t receive them. Please send an email to our group inbox at

    We will reply to that email with the statements, for 2007, 08, and 09.


    • Brenda says:


      I just noticed this reply to my orginal request for full disclosure re financial statements. I did not receive as per your Dec 8 email.

      Please send to the email provided.


      • Greg says:

        I just sent the 2007 and 2008 statements again, this time to your email provided. You’ll notice I copied our Treasurer who has the 2009 financials, and asked him to send those to you also.

  8. Wentworth Resident says:

    This is to address the topic of “Restrictive Covenants” and remind residents that live in a community built by the Dundee Corporation (i.e. Wentworth) that this is a legal document that is placed on the land title of each lot when it is created.

    I live in Wentworth (west of 85th Street) and I believe some of the residents are not aware of the Covenants which restrict what can (or cannot) be placed on a property. For example, Recreational Vehicles, Boats, etc. cannot be placed on a property lot and can only be on the street for no longer than 36 hours (according to City bylaw).

    I think this information may be helpful as an aid to keep our neighbourhoods looking clean and organized. I have included the link to the Dundee Development Restrictive Covenants as well as the Good Neighbour Guide provided by the City of Calgary. Please be considerate to your neighbours. Thank you.

    • mywentworth says:

      Hi Justin,

      We are currently in the process of revamping our website. We will include the comments you made below as well as the links.

      Thanks Andrea

  9. Shannon says:

    Can some one please tell me what the annual fee we pay goes towards? I ask as there are a lot of homes in Wentworth that pay $200.00 and by my calculations this is a fair bit ogf money for flowers that are planted at the entrance. I would hope that some of this money would be used to remove snow from the side walks around the green space so that kids can get on the bus safely and those of us who walk can walk on the sidewalk and not the road.
    I look forward to your response on this issue.

    • mywentworth says:

      Hi Shannon,

      Thank you for you comments. I invite you to have a look at our website to see what your $200 annual fee pays for in the community. The majority of the fee goes toward the landscaping and maintenance of the community. This includes the maintenance of the entrace signs and medians as well as garbage collection throughout the community. We also maintain a contingency fund for repairs for items that are the responsibility of the community.

      With respect to your question on snow removal, I am assuming you are talking about the sidewalks next to the field areas that are behind the Co-op. Our board looked into this a few years ago and determined that due to liability issues we would not be able to provide snow removal services for this area. This is due to the fact that once the community started snow removal we would be fully liable for any slip and fall accidents that occurred.

      I would suggest contacting the City of Calgary or the school board which operates the school buses to discuss your concerns regarding the accessibility for children waiting for the bus.

      If you would like to discuss this further please let me know and we would be happy to invite you to one of our future board meetings.

      Kind regards, Andrea

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